Engage + Energise

Do you want a team of happy, loyal and engaged employees?

A team that is less stressed and has more energy, that’s inspired, productive and motivated?

Engage our professional corporate massage therapists and Pilates and yoga instructors to visit your office or workplace to de-stress, refresh and recharge your team so that they can perform at their peak!

We have a super user friendly online booking system. Simply click on a link and make your own bookings for all our regular in-house massage, reflexology and exercise classes.
* easy to use
* manage your own appointments
* syncs with your calendar
*auto reminder emails sent day prior to service
*admin access so you can see what staff members are booked in

Whether you’re based in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane or the Gold Coast or a major regional area, our team will come to you.

What a great reward for your most valuable asset – your staff.