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Enjoy all our services in-house or our classes directly via Zoom or OneDrive recordings.

Our team of therapists are Diploma of Remedial Massage trained which includes extensive hygiene protocols in their diploma, and they have also undertaken additional government COVID-19 specific training. All contact surfaces of our equipment are thoroughly cleaned with >60% alcohol solution between each treatment. This has always been our practice historically, however it’s important that we reassure you now more than ever – we take your and our safety seriously.

Remedial massage is allowed in all states in Australia and is considered an essential allied health service, delivered by professionals. Please consider that the very short duration of an important preventative health service that our massages are, presents a much lower risk than most general daily activities.

Like many other businesses, we’ve had to think on our feet and come up with innovative ways to not only keep us afloat but also continue to bring our invaluable services to you if you’re working from home still.

We’re pleased to advise that we have launched ‘virtual’ classes in the following:

  • Mind, Body, Breath – a blend of Yoga nidra meditation for the mind; stretch to release tension in the body and breath-work for the important connection between mind and body.
  • Stretch & Relax – a session focused on releasing physical and mental tension in the body with some very simple relaxation techniques to finish.
  • Stretch & Strength – floor-based Pilates for overall body strength and flexibility.
  • Yoga – chair or floor-based yoga kept nice and simple so your team can follow along at home.

The sessions can be live and presented via Zoom or recordings offered for those who don’t use Zoom, and conducted in a personal format to your team.

Duration: the sessions will be 30 or 45 minutes in duration. Given your team aren’t losing time commuting at the moment and their work times are no doubt more flexible, I’m sure we can find mutually suitable days and times to present the sessions for you.

Payment: as is usual for us, your organisation can pay for the sessions outright, or we can accept partial subsidies from the staff.

Pricing:  varies based of the number of participants registered for each session and how many sessions you book.

How to book: please email us or call on 1300 810 977. Demand for these sessions is extremely high and we have limited availability of this wonderful opportunity.

Do you want a team of happy, loyal and engaged employees?

A team that is less stressed and has more energy, that’s inspired, productive and motivated?

Engage our professional corporate massage therapists and Pilates and yoga instructors to visit your office or workplace to de-stress, refresh and recharge your team so that they can perform at their peak!

We have a super user friendly online booking system. Simply click on a link and make your own bookings for all our regular in-house massage, reflexology and exercise classes.
* easy to use
* manage your own appointments
* syncs with your calendar
* auto reminder emails sent day prior to service
* admin access so you can see who is booked in

Whether you’re based in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Hobart or a major regional area, our team will come to you.

What a great reward for your most valuable asset – your staff.