Hygiene Protocols

COVIDSafe Workplace

Excellent hygiene has always been a priority of ours, however in the current situation we’re here to reassure you it’s safe to have us on site.

As you’d expect of any allied health professionals, the Working Hands therapists are just as concerned about ensuring excellent hygiene practices for your sake as much as theirs.

To ensure our therapists’ and your safety, the following guidelines are in place:

What Our Therapists Will Do

Day prior health check. Our therapists are required to report any cold or flu like symptoms within the 24 hours prior to their shift. If they are even the slightest bit unwell, a replacement therapist will attend your booking.

Wear face masks during the shift if that is a current State Government order, your requirement, and/or the therapist’s preference.

Sanitise thoroughly between recipients. Our therapists will use >60% alcohol solutions to sanitise their hands and massage equipment (if any) between massages. They will also wash their hands upon arrival at your premises and again after shift, and during their shift where practical.

Disposable face covers are changed between each treatment. Of course we’ve always done this though.

Our therapist will not provide any staff member a treatment if they believe that the client is showing any signs of illness.

All our active therapists have undertaken additional government certified COVID-19 Infection Control Training and if required we can provide you their individual certification to appease your EHS policies.

What Clients Need To Do

COVIDsafe plan – All clients should have a COVIDsafe plan or equivalent safety protocols on site. This is for us to ensure our therapist’s health is respected as much as we respect yours.

Contact details – If you’re not using our online appointment scheduler or sign-up sheet, you need to keep a booking list containing the full name and contact details of all the staff members to receive a massage. This document will be used only if there is a need to do contact tracing and will be stored confidentially and securely.

Set up a designated massage area –  All clients need to set up a massage area where staff will come in one at a time for the massages.