• Q:Why should we have corporate massage?

    For the full details, please check out our benefits page, but here are a few reasons to inspire you:

    Enhance the well-being of your team
    Attract and retain your most valuable asset, your staff
    Reduce stress levels
    Reduce muscular stiffness and pains associated with sitting at a computer
    Increase staff morale
    Boost productivity and motivation
    Re-energise your employees
    A cost effective employee reward

  • Q:What is corporate, seated and workplace massage?

    With seated massage there is no oil used as treatments are carried out over your clothing. Whilst you are not required to remove any items of clothing, you may find it more comfortable and effective to remove jackets and ties.

    The massage is done is a specially designed chair that supports your body very comfortably at the seat, chest, lower legs, forearms and head.

    The special pressure massage techniques aim at releasing tension in the key stress-affected areas, i.e. the neck, back, shoulders, arms and hands and many peoples favourite – the head. A scalp massage is optional of course, however it can be the perfect de-stressor and re-energiser.

    Your practitioner will ask you to notify them if you are uncomfortable with any aspect of your massage. The amount of pressure applied during your treatment and which areas of the upper body your practitioner works on is totally up to you. You have complete control over what is done during your treatment. It is all about your comfort so please do let your practitioner know at any time if anything is uncomfortable or needs adjusting, be it the massage equipment or the massage itself.

  • Q:Why would we choose Working Hands over other corporate massage providers?

    We pride ourselves on excellence in our quality of service, reliability and integrity.

    Working Hands practitioners are carefully sourced, thoroughly skills assessed, highly qualified massage professionals with experience in seated, relaxation and therapeutic massage. We do not employ backpackers or anyone without nationally recognised training accreditation. They hold current Senior First Aid certification, as well as being covered for professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

    You will find our therapists to be caring, friendly, punctual, professionals at all times, well presented wearing a neat Working Hands uniform and they all have that natural gifted talent of “magic hands”.

    We are so confident that you’ll love our services, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

  • Q:Do you cater for both large and small organisations?

    Yes we do. No organisation is too large for us to cater for.

    For the small business: As our minimum booking time is 3 hours, if there were only 6 people in the office, you could still enjoy having regular massages at 30 minute intervals and still meet the required 3 hour minimum.

    If there are fewer of you than 6, then perhaps you have another small office in your building or next door that you could co-ordinate with to have your sessions on the same day? As long as we’re on site for 3 hours minimum, we’re happy to visit more than one office in the same building, or next door.

  • Q:What is the appropriate length of time for an individual seated massage?

    This is a commonly asked question, along with ‘what do most businesses opt for?’

    We suggest a minimum of 15 minutes for each person. Our experience and feedback from clients has shown that 20 minutes for a Corporate Seated Massage is the optimum time to be able to unwind and relax and yet be ready to get going and back into being productive. This provides time for the therapist to treat the neck, back, shoulders, arms, hands and the scalp is optional. 10 or 12 minute options are also available for seated/chair massages.

    The 5 to 10 minute desk de-stressor involves the therapist performing the massage at the recipient’s workstation, using a portable desk top headrest, or just seated upright in their own chair. Ideal for call centres or any place where the recipient is required to remain at their desk due to space restrictions. The therapist works on the neck and shoulders.

    Table massage either over the clothes or using oils is also a great option for relaxation or remedial massage, and is available for durations of 20 minutes to 1.5 hours. A warm, private room is required with a clear area of at least 3.5 x 2.5m.

    The decision as to the length of time of each massage is ultimately yours, depending on your individual needs. We will help you to work out a plan to determine what will work best for your work environment.

  • Q:How often should we have Corporate Massage?

    This varies from business to business and depends on many factors. Some businesses are very clear of the immense benefits they receive from their staff receiving regular massage, so they choose to have treatments weekly or fortnightly.

    This may not always fit in with your budget so you do what feels right for you. Monthly visits are the most frequent among our ‘regular’ clients.

    Some employers may be ‘wary’ of the time a massage requires their staff to be away from their ‘work’, however based on a 37.5 hour week, even a 15 minute massage once a fortnight only equates to 0.3% of their time at work. It’s all about perspective.

  • Q:How will our staff feel after their massage?

    Your staff will feel relaxed and refreshed after their massage! Most people are amazed how much looser and lighter they feel. Often people don’t realise how tense they were before their massage, until they experience how great they feel after.

    Some employers are concerned that their staff will be ‘too relaxed’ or sleepy after a massage at work, however, relaxed doesn’t mean sleepy! It is true that during the short duration massage, that most recipients will be in a lovely state of relaxation initially. However, our massage is designed in a sequence that whilst being very relaxing mentally and physically, it also ‘peps’ them up in readiness to get back into productive work mode within minutes of their massage.

  • Q:Do we need to wear any special clothing? Do we need to remove any clothing for seated massage?

    For your comfort it’s best to remove jackets and ties. Our massage equipment has been designed to accommodate all shapes and sizes of people wearing virtually any style of clothing.

  • Q:What can we expect when you come to our business on the first massage day?

    Your therapist/s will arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time and meet with your contact person who will show them where to set up their equipment to prepare for the first client.

    They will then begin massaging your staff either one by one as they are presented to the them, or more commonly, your staff will be booked in for specific times and they will be treated in the order of the appointment schedule that we will provide for you.

  • Q:I have not organised an on site massage day before, how do I go about it?

    It’s really simple to organise a massage day, and just as simple to organise an ongoing massage program. Just pick up the phone or contact us via our enquiry form and we will ask you a few questions to determine your massage requirements.

    We will then arrange a mutually suitable day and time to visit your workplace, and send you a booking schedule with allocated time slots that your staff can book in for. It’s that simple.

  • Q:What determines whether we have our sessions at our workstations or away from them?

    A few factors play a role in this:

      • Numbers of staff to be treated
      • Length of each individual massage
      • Available office/meeting room space

    Shorter sessions (10 minutes and less) and/or lack of space usually means it is best to treat individuals at their workstations. This method provides for more people to be treated over a given time period, and generally is suited to call centre/customer service operations.

    Longer sessions (10 mins and more) and available space, means that people can be treated away from their workstation in a spare office, meeting room or board room. This is definitely the preferred option as staff appreciate being able to have a break from their workstation even for just 10 minutes and the treatment is more effective which means you’re getting better value for your investment.

    When we can set up in the spare office or meeting room, we can create a quiet and calm environment for staff, by playing relaxing music and burning aromatherapy oils (with your permission) with lights dimmed if possible.
    Either way, recipients will feel like they have ‘switched off’ and left work for a few minutes and really could be anywhere!

  • Q:Do we get a discount for larger numbers of staff or if we have more regular sessions or multiple site locations?

    Yes you do. The more hours we’re on site, or the more sites you have, you are rewarded with lower rates and priority bookings.

    Please contact us to discuss this in more detail as our fee schedule is flexible and designed to meet the unique needs of each client.

  • Q:What is our investment?

    Our weekday rates range from $85 per therapist, per hour, plus GST.

    Please contact us and then we will be happy to quote you.

  • Q:Who pays for the massage?

    There are three options available:

    • 100% employer funded. The employer may pay for the service to occur on a regular basis as part of their Health and Well-being programme or OH&S strategy. This is the most common option, and by far the most popular!
    • Subsidised. The employer may chose to cover part of the cost and the employee pays the remainder. Health Fund rebates may be available to the employee in this case.
  • Q:Do we need to sign a contract with you?

    No, we do not require you to enter into any formal agreement with Working Hands as a supplier, however we may be able to offer a lower rate if you provide a letter of intent or a 12 month purchase order.

  • Q:Are there any safety concerns with Corporate Massage?

    Seated massage is an extremely safe and non-invasive method of treatment. There are virtually no claims against massage practitioners and our extremely low insurance premiums attest to this. Insurance underwriters don’t get it wrong! If claims were common or they believed there was reason for concern, they would pass that on to us via our yearly insurance fees, but this simply does not happen for good reason – it is extremely safe.

  • Q:What are your terms and conditions?

    Minimum booking time:
    Our minimum fee/booking time is three hours.

    Payment methods:
    Our preferred method of payment is direct payment to our financial institution. We provide our banking details on our invoice.
    Visa, MasterCard and American Express are all accepted, with a 2%+GST surcharge.

    Payment Terms:
    For your initial visit the invoice is issued upon receiving your booking and payment is required to secure your booking. Repeat visits 14 days from invoice issued after service. For regular clients (weekly/fortnightly/monthly) we prefer payment within 14 days of invoice but will be happy to extend this for established ongoing clients.

    Cancellation / Change Policy:
    We require 3 days’ notice of a cancellation, change or reduction of booking. If a booking is cancelled, changed or reduced within 3 days’ we may charge a 50% fee, and within 48 hours will incur full fee. Short notice changes within 2 days will not incur a penalty only if the originally scheduled therapist/s can fulfill your rescheduled new date.
    When booking, please choose your date/s and times carefully, as only 1 change is possible after we’ve confirmed your booking and arranged our facilitators. A 2nd change may incur an additional 20% fee.

    Parking fees: may be additional where free parking is not made available.

    Rush fee: please give us as much notice as possible to schedule our best therapists for you, at least 7 days’ notice per therapist please. Less than 7 days’ we may charge a 15% fee, within 48 hours a 25% fee, within 24 hours 50% fee.

    Gender preference: Please advise us when booking if you have any specific gender preferences. Any change to your assigned therapist/s due to gender preference *after* they’ve been secured will be subject to a 20% admin change fee.