Nutrition Seminars


Our Corporate Nutrition Seminars will enhance your team’s nutrition knowledge and ability to make good food choices, which empowers them to improve their own health and vitality.

The seminars are generally run in a series of 3 unique sessions a week or more apart discussing different topics in each session.

We’re aware that this type of information requires some effort on the part of your team to make changes to their established patterns around eating and lifestyle. Therefore, we deliver this information in a simple, enjoyable and engaging way, to help them make sustainable changes to their dietary and lifestyle choices.


Choosing healthy eating options

We educate your team about why they should, and how they can make simple replacements in their daily diet – out with the bad and in with the good!

Healthy hearts

Ways of eating and specific food choices to help naturally reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and the difference between different types of  cholesterol.

Myth busters

Dispelling some myths and mainstream perceptions about common commercial foods that advertisers and lobbyists want us to believe.

What does it all mean?

Understanding the nutritional panel on the foods you buy, and which nasty food additive numbers should be avoided.

Sickly sweet

Why sugar is a much greater health risk than simply causing unwelcome weight gain.

Sporty spice!

Advice for active people wanting to improve their nutrition for enhanced athletic performance.

If you have specific topic requirements, seminars can be tailored to suit your needs.


The maximum recommended group size is 40 per session.  We recommend a minimum running time of 45 minutes, but 60-75 minutes is ideal. The longer session allows Q&A time for participants to ask about their individual concerns.

The rate per seminar starts at $400+GST for a block of 3 seminars .
Single seminar prices upon application.